Our Chapter History

By Carol Potts

In the fall of 2000, the Addison Chapter of NCL, Inc. was a dream. It began as a simple prayer my husband and I prayed for our daughter-to become more aware of her ability to contribute to those in need and to develop her heart of compassion, as well as to widen her mission opportunities. As we were entering the teen years, we also wanted her to be more aware that it isn’t all about her, and that a grateful heart should spill over into acts of kindness for others.

The next morning I received a phone call from my two good friends, Shari and Corby, inviting me to lunch. There we discussed trying to start a chapter, just as the PC NCL, Inc. was beginning to work on. Karen Dollar, their membership chairman, gave me the name and number of the Expansion Specialist, Jinky Hicks. I had several long conversations with this gracious and enthusiastic woman. The most important parameter was a potential formation meeting with twenty women willing to be a part of this organization, and a $200 formation fee. She told me my first big order of business was to find someone who was charismatic and passionate to be the president. Of course, I thought of Shannon Allbright, who was always very proactive, and always giving of herself. We had been friends for years and she was my minichurch leader. I invited her to lunch and shared the vision of NCL, Inc.

We subsequently met with Jinky, and also we met with two other board members from other Chapters. She and I visited the training session at Christ Church. We were there for an entire Saturday and on the way home, a rather unique vision of our Chapter was born. We wanted this Chapter to be different, and to be salt and light in the community. We felt that most of the girls at the private school they attended in Addison had very few non-believing friends and had limited exposure to the needs of the poor. Shannon said, “We are not going to be a frou-frou Chapter and all concerned with the Malachite Room and the fancy dresses. We want to be focused on giving and making the philanthropy part of our organization it’s primary aim” (Shannon and I had been invited to the Malachite Room to see a senior presentation.)

On January 29. 2001, Jinky called me with the approval to begin and on February 15, 2001,we began having information meetings at Shannon’s house, and were helped greatly with the guidelines from Jinky. She even came to help with the presentation and she helped us know how to get things together. I gathered information packets from three different Chapters and with her help compiled the prospective member packet for our chapter. A board was formed from friends that we talked to, and we loved the way different talents. Were represented. We were on our way to becoming a prospective chapter. Shannon used to joke that her mailbox was stuffed with NCL, Inc. info from National every day.

We had a memorable meeting setting up the Bylaws, without the assistance of our liaison, but we were able to get everything in order. We had some roadblocks along the way; for instance, I mailed the big packet into the national vice president of membership, and didn’t hear from her, despite many emails and phone calls. It turned out she had to remodel an area of her house, which had flooded, and had moved to her lake house in another state for several weeks. We had a busy summer retreat at Marty Page’s and I especially remember the big poster board and trying to find a place for each patroness on a committee.

The first board was comprised of Shannon Allbright, president, Gail Foglietta, Debbie van Waggoner, Suzy Burns, Marty Page, Sheri Dixon, Karol Ladd, Karin Ellis, Shari Robertson, and, Carol Potts. Jill Jackson was our expansion specialist. And later, Ginny Lydick came to help us with the details. Shari Robertson showed me how to enter the checks and information into a spreadsheet of the initial group. By our May 23, 2001 board meeting we had 75 patronesses signed up. Pam Biegighauser entered all their information into the computer database for us. Another huge job was Debbie van Waggoner spent hours preparing the six-year plan for the GLADS to use in their ticktocker meetings.

We had humorous events, like my meeting people in the parking lot to sign the covenant, and calling people who didn’t have their forms notarized. Suzy Burns had philanthropy sign up sheets in a container by her front door. Mounds of paperwork, and many reports later, we moved from prospective status to provisional status on March 3, 2002. At the National Convention held on April 25-26, 2003, we received our Charter and it was presented to our President, Gail Fogliletta! Gail Foglietta, Penni Carter, Debbie van Wagoner, Karin Ellis, Shari Robertson, Jeannie Gary, Laura Richie, and Carol Potts attended this exciting occasion.

As you can see, much has changed since then. Effective June 1, 2003, National mandated some changes for our Chapter Bylaws and those had to be redone, along with our standing rules. However, the essence of our organization, mothers and daughters serving together is still the heartbeat of our Chapter.

Unfortunately, Shannon Albright passed away in October 2002, but her legacy lives on in the heartbeat of the Addison Chapter. A special Shannon Allbright Award was created in March of 2003 to honor the work Shannon did for the Chapter during the formative years. This award recognizes the patroness who has, by her willingness to lead with extraordinary grace, dedication and a servant’s heart, enriches the chapter through her service as a Committee Chair, Ticktocker Grade Level Advisor or Board Member. The award is an engraveable sterling silver charm which is called the “Patroness Chair Charm” and is presented annually.

History of the recipients of the Shannon Allbright Award:
Carol Potts – 2003
Debbie VanWaggoner – 2004
Shari Robertson and Gail Foglietta – 2005
Mary Jane Turner – 2006
Penni Carter – 2007
Pam Hardison – 2008
Marijo Basinger – 2009
Linda Simnacher and Galean Wilder – 2010
Penni Trout – 2011
Holly Burlage – 2012
Cynthia Morris – 2013
Katie Hickney – 2014
Elaine Tate – 2015
Julie Barnes – 2016
Jenny Smith – 2017
Pam Trooop – 2018

The Addison Chapter continues to be a strong chapter in the D/FW Metroplex. While many names and faces have changed within the chapter, the mothers and daughters of the Addison Chapter continue to desire to make a difference in the world that they live in by serving the community faithfully.